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Stoke Park

No.1 Golf Resort in England Stoke Park

Although the estate has a recorded history of over 900 years, it was John Penn (1760-1834), a soldier, scholar and poet, who was responsible for most of what can still be seen at the estate today. The Mansion was designed by James Wyatt (architect to George III) who worked on the development of The Mansion and monuments from 1790 to 1813. In 1791, Humphry Repton was commissioned to upgrade Lancelot “Capability” Brown’s landscaping of the grounds. The estate was used as a private residence until 1908.

Nick “Pa” Lane Jackson, founder of The Corinthians, purchased it and created Stoke Park, Britain’s first Country Club. One of his first objectives was to commission the famous amateur golfer and course architect Harry Colt to design the golf course.

The first President was His Highness Prince Albert of Schleswig-Holstein and the first Vice President was the Right Honourable Earl Howe.

In his 1910 book, ‘The Golf Courses of the British Isles’, Bernard Darwin wrote:

Stoke Park is a beautiful estate, and there is very good golf to be played there. There are plenty of things to do besides playing golf. We may get very hot at lawn tennis or keep comparatively cool at bowls or croquet, or, coolest of all, we may sit on the terrace or in the garden and give ourselves wholly and solely to loafing. The clubhouse is a gorgeous palace, a dazzling vision of white stone, of steps and terraces and cupolas, with a lake in front and imposing trees in every direction.

Stoke Park
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